The Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

The last book in the hunger games series.


Katniss Everdeen escapes the arena to the secret district 13 where she finds out her home has been bombed and about the war against the overpowering capitol. She soon opened up as the mocking jay, which is like the mascot of the rebellion. Katniss at 13, works on her skills with weapons and train for an attack. The smart team at 13 hacks into the capitols TV, sending messages to all 13 district including the capitol which made them very worried. The team captures all needed people like Peeta and Annie to find out, Peeta is hijacked. Simple thoughts of Katniss make him mad with angry and he has sudden argues kill katniss. Soon after Gale ,Katniss, and peeta go to end the war, leaving back alot of lives on the way.

point of view

The point of view of this book is 1st first person and Katniss is the narrator.

Some of the characters and conflicts

Great book!


I agree with the resolution that Suzanne made for this book but i would change how she described the ending and added more suspense.