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4th 6 weeks starts February 1

The fourth six weeks starts February 1st. We are continuing to grow as it relates to the number of students selecting to return to in-person instruction. Currently we have 400 of our 636 students on campus. Spacing in the classrooms is currently 3-4 feet. With growth, it means that space in classrooms is very limited and it becomes even more important for everyone to ensure that we closely monitor and not send children to school sick or when someone in the household is sick. It is also very important that you talk with your children about proper mask wearing and social distancing. Any adjustment for the 4th six weeks is shared below.

Switching from Virtual to In-Person and back

A reminder to all families that once you have selected your option to return in person or remain virtual, you need to stick with that decision. You can only make a change with permission from me. Recently, we have had a few parents email teachers directly asking for their in person student to go virtual for a day or two. We have even had some students email their teacher to say they are going virtual on a particular day. While, we have addressed this directly with the parents, I wanted everyone to be aware that bouncing back and forth between in person and virtual is not the intent of the selection process. Please be mindful that teachers will not be permitted to approve these types of request and they should be sent directly to me.

Thank you Mrs. Flory! We will miss you!

After over 30 years serving and nurturing the students at Lovett Elementary Ms. Flory is retiring. While we are sad to see her go, we are so excited for this next chapter in her life. We will all miss her and I know our students and community will also. I want to thank her for always positive outlook on things and for always putting the students first. One of her favorite things is showing her students that she cares with a simple hug. I know she has missed this a great deal. Help us send Ms. Flory off with lots and lots of virtual hugs by dropping off a card or note to help her celebrate. Her last day on staff will be January 29th.

PE Adjustments for February 1

Coach Ruiz will be our only PE teacher beginning February 1 and he will be teaching both in person and virtual students concurrently. Virtual students will be able to log on and view a PE mini activity and then asynchronous activities to complete on the HUB. More information will be sent before our upcoming 6 weeks.

2nd Grade 4th 6 weeks possible change

Just a quick update for our second grade parents that we are closely monitoring our in person return numbers to determine if we will transition to a concurrent model in second grade. So far in second grade we have been able to make it work with having one virtual teacher and four teachers teaching in person, however as the in person numbers increase, we are running out of space in the classrooms to provide enough distancing. We are finalizing our numbers this Friday and will make a decision by end of the day Tuesday. You will receive additional updates from your classroom teachers.

Traffic Concerns and Drop Off/Pick Up

Below are a few reminders as we need your continued help to ensure traffic around our school is safe and that we have safe drop off and pick up. Thanks in advance for doing your part to keep our campus safe. Additionally a reminder that as more students return in person, the lines get longer. We need you to continue to be patient and use your assigned location for drop off and pick up.

1. As you are getting into the drop off line, please be sure to respect the flow of the line and not try and cut in. Particularly on Jason, some cars are cutting into the line. The traffic in the front goes down the side of the park on Jason and if needed curves around the park. Please be mindful of this as you are creating a route to get in line.

2. You've noticed the addition of a few cones in the Jason drive. The cones are to prevent the constant issue that we have of cars pulling around each other without being directed. Cones will remain there for the remainder of the year and as needed a staff member will direct you around the first vehicle if there is a delay in the student getting to the car.

3. When you arrive for drop off or pick up, please pull all the way up. This helps with keeping the loop moving and clearing the traffic from the street.

4. For morning arrival, please roll down your window for temperature checks. This keeps it quick and safe for all as we do not need to reach into your vehicle to check the temperature

5. Be Ready! This is one of our 3Rs and we need you to help your students practice this. When you arrive in the loop, there mask should be on. They should have easy access to their lunch, water bottle and backpack. As soon as their temperature is checked they should be ready to exit quickly.

6. Lastly, I want to remind parents that we do not have a crossing guard on Jason street. I've noticed a few students that are crossing the street as parents drop them off. We do not have a crossing guard or supervision in this area, so please make a safer decision and cross with your kids if you must cross that area.

Tardy Students: School starts at 7:30

Our first bell rings at 7:30, 2nd and 7:35 and the tardy bell rings at 7:40. This week, I've noticed an increased amount of cars that are just pulling into the loop at 7:40. We will begin to monitor and mark students tardy and this can impact their conduct grade.

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