Room 113 News February 19th

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Our class has started our study of reading fluency. Reading fluency has a strong connection to reading comprehension. If a reader can read something fluently and the way an author intended the text to be read, there is a strong likelihood that the reader is comprehending key ideas.

This week, students recorded themselves reading a challenging 1 page text. Then students watched themselves, and with Mr. Hagen or Khun Porthip's help, set a reading fluency goal. This goal is what he/she thinks is the main area that will help him/her become a more fluent reader. The areas are: Accuracy, expression, reading punctuation, pace, and reading tags. You can view the recording on seesaw as well as the wpm and goal.

We started a series of lesson around the idea of phrasing. We learned where and when to "scoop" words in phrases. This is very important skill for students to practice and then implement into their own reading. See the chart below.

Writing: Realistic Fiction

We have started learning about and writing realistic fiction. First, our class immersed ourselves in high quality mentor texts to learn about what make realistic fiction unique. The ideas we noticed are in the chart above. Then we studied the different crafts that realistic fiction authors use. Student planned their stories using the story board below and rehearsed their stories orally. They also recorded their rehearsal online using seesaw so that they can revisit details in their story when writing. Students will write at least 2 realistic fiction books during this unit of study. A wonderful discussion topic at home over the coming weeks is what things in a story are realistic vs extraordinary.
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Science: Air and Weather

We have completed our study of air and have moved into weather. We are keeping weather journals and are now studying clouds. Students constructed the three different types this week and discussed their attributes as well as how they can help us predict the weather.
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Field Trip to Prasert Islam School

Our class took a trip to the Prasert Islam School on Monday. Pictures were posted on Monday afternoon. We delivered the bilingual ABC books we made and got acquainted with another 2nd grade class. Students were asked to reflect on the experience when we returned to ISB. Please watch their reflections if you have already. They are in your inbox.

Dream Box Reminders and Guidelines

Overall, our class has experience outstanding growth in math this year. Dream box is an excellent way for your child to practice math skills at his/her own level. Here are some guidelines and recommendations:

- complete 1 or 2 lessons per session

- always finish opened lessons

- allow 15-20 minutes for a session

- use the virtual manipulative and never paper/pencil or a calculator

- 2nd graders should complete 4-6 lessons per week

- If your child is not completing at least 4 lessons per week, please contact Mr. Hagen.

We will discuss progress in Dream Box at the upcoming student led conference.

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We have been doing a little circuit training each morning to prepare ourselves for learning!

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