Mission & Goals

Laura Meyer - January 29, 2016 - $85,161

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission for 2015-2016 is to utilize and develop my knowledge, skill sets, and abilities as a servant leader throughout all facets of my life (faith, family, friends, community, and work) through reflection, interaction with others, and continuous learning.

Professional Goals

Goal: I will work collaboratively with district and school colleagues, parents, students, and community stakeholders in order to prepare, create and establish a state-of-the-art learning environment which welcomes and cultivates a sense of community pride and educational excellence as well as promotes a mantra that all learners will achieve and be successful.

Goal: I will find effective ways in which to "sharpen my saw" by eating right, self-reflecting, and exercising.

Weekly Summary Report

Highlights from this week:

*Personnel Preparations:

- Tuesday and Wednesday - Personnel Videos (recorded, prepped, and ready to send out on 2/5/16 to the new SCE staff members)

- MEMOs (prepared and ready to send out on 2/5/16 to BSE, HES, & BSI staff members)

*G/T Presentation at BSIS: On Thursday morning, S. Sapier, S. Stover, and R. Reams planned an event at BSI for their 4th grader G/T students to enhance their understanding, as well as frontload their learning for their upcoming unit on architecture and landscape design. Guest speakers for the event were Lori Long, Gerald Schultheis, and Trevin Thompson. Their focus discussion was in keeping with The Profile of the SC Graduate as they shared information about their education and the work skills necessary for what they do each and every day in their professions. Students had the opportunity to learn about different types of architecture (Roman, Gothic, Modern, etc.), view a full set of blue prints for SCE, and ask questions.

*Wofford Education Day: On Thursday afternoon, I enjoyed some more time with the G/T students at the Wofford Education Day event to watch the girl's basketball team play Mercer University. Students were treated with a Wofford napsack which contained a pom-pom, a Papa Johns cup and coupon, and information for their parents on starting a 529 Saving Plan (It's never too soon!).

*Attendance Zones: Finalized parent/student letters that will be sent out in February concerning the attendance zone modifications. Excited about the information that was shared from Versa Trans! Updated my road/street listing with the section added off Hwy #9 (across from Sterling Estates).

Next Week:

*Personnel Videos and MEMOs finalized.

*Bookkeeper Interviews are set for Tuesday, February 2, 2016.

*Meet with Michelle, Tina, and Tammy about personnel placements (Thursday).

*Personnel Placement Emails - send on Friday, February 5, 2016 at 3:00 PM

*Begin preparing attendance zone parent/student letters for mailing.