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Creative Offline Website Marketing Techniques

Even though the great majority of website traffic is the direct result of search engines, there are lots of offline marketing methods which may be used to entice customers to your site. The examples listed below are but a couple of ways that you can advertise your online presence to an offline audience in an inexpensive way. A few of the examples listed below even can be implemented at no additional price!

Some of these ideas are fairly common, but some are quite unique and I personally have only ever seen them used once, twice, or at least 3 occasions.

But why do I need to do this? I deal with these people today offline.

Most businesses aren't open 24 hours every day, seven days each week, 365 days each year. Most sites, however, are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

A lot of folks, particularly those with busy lifestyles, often utilize the Internet during non-business hours. To provide some examples: business owners will regularly check their emails and visit suppliers' websites later in the evening; and consumers looking to make a high-value purchase, such as a car or house, will often research their purchases online in advance well into the wee hours of the night.

Some of these techniques will also generate new clients as well; the possibility exists that you will attract a client whom you have had no prior dealings with.

If you employ some of the offline marketing techniques listed below, it could very well be your site and company that they deal with first!

Include your website and email address on your business cards and other print marketing material. While this may seem rather obvious, most businesses do not elect to do so, and it usually ends up costing them potential revenue and profits as a result. Let people know you have a method where you can be reached and information on your company's products and services can be found at any time.

Use your company vehicle as a "billboard". Automotive decals are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise your company's services. Depending on what you want, decals can cost anywhere from approx. $20-$200 CDN, and will last until you choose to remove them from your car or truck. The best part is that every time you want to reach a new target market for your advertisement, all you have to do is drive!

Note: there are more expensive decals available, but these are usually combinations of text and artwork. The text portions of the decals tend to be minimal in cost, as they are the simpler elements.

Ask potential offline advertising suppliers for an"advertisement study". Some advertising suppliers have a method whereby they will offer the advertiser a sample advertisement or placement as a form of an "effectiveness" study. In exchange, the advertiser agrees to reveal the full results of his/her marketing campaign to the supplier. This isn't something that very many companies do, but the few that do are generally suppliers worth dealing with.

Incorporate your website into face-to-face conversations and telephone calls. Your customer may be looking for a specific product or service which may be outlined on your website. Guide your customer to that page and let them read the information over, being prepared to answer and ask any questions that may arise from said information.

More Ideas

Press releases. If you have a new product or service, create a "media" section for your website that outlines its details and promote the hyperlink via press release to various mass media.

PR Web is an great resource for mass-broadcasting a press release to thousands of newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, and similar media managers--and it's free!

Promotional clothing. If your business has"uniforms" or"staff tops", then including your website hyperlink on these items is a great way to promote your business at no extra charge.

Microsoft takes this concept one step further; every time a user successfully completes their OEM System Builder exam, they ship the user a free Microsoft t-shirt via UPS with nothing except for the Microsoft OEM website URL on the back.

Another creative use of this concept is provided by ADAM Web Design client Regional Shows, who used their online logo on the jersey of a kids' baseball team as a type of sponsorship.

Other promotional products. Pens, mouse pads, coffee mugs, baseball caps, and other such promotional items are excellent areas to incorporate a business website hyperlink.

Outdoor signage/signboards. Grab the interest of individuals that are driving from the place of business with your site URL along with your business name, telephone, fax, and shared email (if any). They could be driving and not have the time to stop in and see your organization, but they might go to your site when they have enough opportunity to do this to gather more details.

Note: make certain to consult the regional municipality to make sure that outside signage is in accordance with its own by-laws. Many cities and towns don't allow exterior home signage.

A Tattoo. A tattoo? As odd as this might appear, this is something which may be extremely powerful. Body modifications have the exceptional property of having the ability to pull the human eye on them, and also a site URL will stay in one's head as being a rather distinctive idea for a tattoo. A pal of minewhen she conducted a tiny personal website, used to market it in precisely this fashion.

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Increase Web Traffic - Discover 5 Fool-Proof Ways to Outrank Your Competitors

Virtually every site should improve traffic -- a lot of it! And if you are like many small business owners, you've got a really pretty user-friendly website, but driving clients there's a horse of another colour. How can you increase traffic anyhow, you might ask? It is not quite as difficult as it might look, but sadly it can be quite hard if you are trying to really go at it alone. Worst yet, in case you've got a webmaster who do not understand search engine optimisation, it is sometimes a long and weary road. Luckily, there are just 5 surefire strategies you can do in order to increase internet visitors to your site that' certain to put you in front of your competition quickly. Here are five tips that could help you increase traffic at the shortest period of time possible.

1) Start Measuring Where Your Traffic Already Comes From To Get More Of It

We often overlook that. Assuming your site is currently getting traffic, begin monitoring where it is coming from. After that, visit the source and see if you're able to find out a way to acquire more of the identical sort of visitors. By way of instance, if you realize that many of your traffic is coming from post directories in which you've previously submitted posts that return to your own site, you should carefully consider submitting more posts as a method to boost your site traffic.

2) Make Sure All Your Outbound E-Mails Have Your Web Address

You are not likely to find a huge spike in visitors from this particular technique, but it DOES make a huge difference. How often daily can you send outbound email for clients, vendors, providers, or even potential clients? Make certain your outbound e-mails have a connection back to your site. You will never know where that next sale will come out of, and each little bit of internet traffic assists.

3) Get Your Website Listed On As Many Directories As Possible

Consider internet directories like being the equal of a telephone book. Get your site listed in as many directories as you can. You may be taken aback by the quantity of long-term internet traffic that this approach could send to your website.

4) Consider Issuing Press Releases On A Regular Basis

Would you think of something worth discussing with the planet on a regular basis? In that case, then it is possible to issue press releases. There are a whole lot of press release sites which can release the press release that you send them. Make sure you include a link back to your own site and watch the visitors fall in. For more info click nicheonlinetraffic

5) Hire An SEO Consultant To Help You Get Higher Search Engine Rankings

You are very likely to find that the most striking increase in visitors by optimizing your site pages to appear in more prominent positions in the search engine results pages. If you are not quite sure how to achieve this, it is reasonable to employ an SEO adviser who will help direct you.

You will find, by applying some or all the aforementioned five tips, you may dramatically increase internet traffic to your site. And if all of that seems to specialized, get in touch with a professional SEO consultant company. No matter where you will live whether it is in Greenville or even Greenland, simply Google search to find the very best SEO small company specialist nearest you. Make sure you request evidence to make sure that they can really increase internet traffic to your site at a fair quantity of time.

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