Henry Street Tech Bytes

Smore and more


I want to create a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter that introduces new resources or reintroduces old tech tools that can be easily implemented in our classroom. To help guide this series I am going to ask you to complete the short survey at the end of this flyer. It should only take 2-3 minutes.

Some other ideas I have are to include video PDs, educational games and apps, resources/websites, articles about technology in education, and how our kids and teachers are using technology already.

Social Media

I believe that we are more likely to try something new and take risks when we have support from our communities. This is why I am in the process of setting up a social media page for us to learn from each other, communicate across classrooms, and increase transparency. Google+ has been activated for our Henry Street Accounts and our new page should be ready shortly. This page will allow us to share resources, pose questions and challenges, let others know what you are doing/trying in your classrooms, and simply support each other.


This flyer is created on www.smore.com It is free and can be used by anyone..teachers or students. It is an authentic way for students to share their ideas, collaborate, and display mastery of content. You can easily add multimedia elements like text, videos, images, and forms. This tool provides multiple avenues for differentiation and scaffolding.

One of my favorite ways to use Smore, especially with IEP/ELL students, is setting one up for them as a template. Say you want them to complete a project/presentation or do a lab write up. Set up a Smore, plug in some information like titles and sentence starters, print it out, and let students fill in the rest (digitally or printed).

Computer Room Reservations

Remember we have a Google Sheet (<--- click for link) to sign up for the Computer Room. Thanks to Juno students can now print. There are tabs at the bottom to choose the week you wish to reserve the computers. Just click the tab for the week you want and enter your name in the Day(s) and period(s) you wish. If you could also enter the number of computers you need this may allow 2 or more classes to use the room (9th period the room is often used by 3 classes and it works pretty well). Don't be afraid to ask the teacher who has the room reserved if there is room for your students as well.


Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help guide upcoming newsletters and workshops.