Chile, May 22, 1960

By:Conner Riggs/Earthquake Project

Location (where was the epicenter?)

60 meters down below the ocean floor about 100 miles off the coast of Chile out in the Pacific

Magnitude/Type of Fault

  • 8.3
  • In the subduction zone

Primary effects (loss of life, loss of property)

  • 486 people died
  • 370 homes damaged

Secondary effects (fires, landslides, aftershocks, waterborne illness, tsunamis, etc.)

  • Fires
  • Small tsunami
  • Thirty minutes before the 9.5 earthquake a foreshock shook the area near the towns of Valdivia and Puerta Montt

Is this predicted to happen again in the future? When?

a large earthquake will occur in northern Chile in the future, the difficult thing is we cannot tell when it will occur