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October 2016 - Special Edition

Say WHAT??

There's too much going on to wait to tell you all about it! Ask your Ambassador for more details!

  • Free Shipping with code (OCTSHIP) until Oct. 17th!
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for EVERYONE!
  • DOUBLE bonuses for Ambassadors!

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NEW! 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Extended to AMBASSADORS!

Have you considered going wholesale to get your products at the cheapest price? Now there's nothing stopping you! The Plexus 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which was previously only available to customers is NOW AVAILABLE to wholesale AMBASSADORS, too! This is really exciting and just demonstrates how Plexus stands by our products. It's a great time to come on board as a wholesaler. Talk to your Plexus Ambassador today and start saving $ with your next order!

The Power of Three

Why is this import to you? The power of three means that you can go Silver and reap the benefits of the unheard of DOUBLE BONUSES that Plexus is offering October. Here is how it works: Think of three people--friends, family members, coworkers, anyone who is supportive of you, has noticed what you have been doing to get yourself healthy, or who could use the amazing health benefits of these products.

Set up a time to meet with them face to face, talk with them on the phone, or message them. Tell them about what a gift Plexus has been for you. Tell them about the incredible health transformations Plexus has given others. Tell them about this amazing business opportunity. Be excited and get them excited. Tell them about how Wholesale pricing allows them to get the products at the cheapest cost, they can now get the 60 day money back guarantee, and they could start to gain some supplemental income… and who couldn’t use that?!

Once you have signed three people as Wholesale Customers (ambassadors) under you… You are SILVER! Its that easy! Silver bonus is normally $100, but this month going Silver would earn you $200! Just in time for the holidays. What a great gift!

Take a Peek at Plexus

If you have friends that are interested in hearing more about Plexus, please ask for an invite to our upcoming Facebook event and pass an invite onto them, too! On Sunday, October 16th at 4pm we'll be sharing information about our fabulous products and the unparalleled opportunity we have with Plexus. It will be fun and interactive -- with the opportunity to win prizes including store and restaurant gift cards, as well as Plexus products!
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