January Distinguished Dragons


Be Responsible – Be Respectful – Be Kind – Be Honest – Be Determined – Be Courageous – Be Joyful – Be Enthusiastic – Be Creative

Dear Dalton Families,

It is our pleasure to announce the Distinguished Dalton Dragons for January 2023. Every month, teachers at each grade level and staff from a special program select a student for demonstrated traits exemplifying what we find important at Dalton Elementary School. School-wide recognition is made and certificates created to commemorate their positive contribution to our campus. As a gesture of thanks, these selected students will receive pizza, gelato, and special recognition for their efforts. One primary and one intermediate winner will receive a free Triple Play Water Park Pass!

With appreciation,

Jody Hiltenbrand, Principal

Becky Miller, Assistant Principal


It is an honor for me to announce Grace Looney as the January Kindergarten Student of the Month! Grace is an amazing example of what it means to be a caring and kind kindergartener. She has a gentle strength that encourages others to do the right thing and make kind choices. Grace has worked hard to overcome obstacles, and it has been a privilege to watch her confidence grow each day. Grace is an enthusiastic learner who works hard at every task she receives. She does her very best with a smile on her face. Her compassion, thoughtfulness, and generosity help create a loving classroom environment for all! I am deeply proud of you, Grace!

~ Mrs. Wise

First Grade:

Brayden Webb is a fantastic first grader and the Distinguished Dalton Dragon for grade 1 for January! Brayden has made huge growth this year in his reading, writing, and speaking skills. He works hard every day even though it can be challenging. He is now writing multiple sentences and making paragraphs on one topic. He shares books he loves with the class by reading them to us with a loud voice. Every day, Brayden brings his best self, and it shows in all of his work. Thanks for being a super star first grader! Congratulations, Brayden!

Love, Mrs. Higgins

Second Grade:

"Winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination." - Unknown

We are excited and honored to announce Ana Wiebusch as our Second Grade Student of the Month for January. Ana is showing true grit and determination when it comes to learning. It is no accident that she is having such success with her reading this year due to her hard work and never-ending desire to improve. In addition to Ana's amazing work ethic, she also has a smile that can brighten anyone's day instantly! We could not be more proud of the growth she has shown in all areas this year. Thank you for showing us what pure love of reading looks like in our class and world. Congratulations and hugs, Ana!


Mrs. Astin and Mrs. Osler

Third Grade:

I’m so fortunate to have Jack Harrison in my class this year. Jack is well deserving of the Third Grade Student of the Month recognition for January 2023. He is a successful student due to his hard work, perseverance, and love of learning. I’ve never seen Jack do anything standard. He always rises above my expectations and gives everything he does 110%. Not only is Jack a hard worker, but he’s also kind and respectful. Jack easily gets along with everyone. He perfectly balances contributing his ideas as well as listening to the ideas of others when working with a partner or group. Jack’s friendly personality, responsibility, grit, and eagerness to learn are going to take him places in this world. What an awesome kid! Congratulations, Jack!

~ Mrs. Siegford

Fourth Grade:

Roman Proszek, you have been such a joy to have in our class this year! I have absolutely loved getting to know you. You are the perfect example of kindness. You are kind to all kids in our classroom even when they are not always kind to you. You also model your kindness to all students on the playground, often finding someone who needs to have a new friend. You look out for other students and are often someone who will speak up if you see an injustice.

Once you got your glasses, you have been on fire for learning. I have seen you display a positive mindset about much of your learning. Thank you for taking risks in the classroom and not giving up even when things are challenging for you. You know that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

Roman, you are funny and bring a smile to my face. Thank you for being a student that we can always count on to be responsible and full of integrity as you move throughout the building at Dalton.

Love, Mrs. Cleave

Fifth Grade:

Sophia Stavish, I am so glad that I have a chance to get to know you this year! You lead by example in room 109.

Thank you for your kindness toward all students. I really appreciate how you are always looking at how you can encourage others. Even when you are competing against them! You are also always looking for someone who could use a partner or a friend. Your grit and enthusiastic attitude about school and life are going to take you wherever you wish to go. I have seen you display a positive mindset about all things. Thank you for challenging yourself to participate in ways that are uncomfortable.

Thank you also for looking for ways to make me smile-whether it is a creation that you have made for me or just a word of encouragement. I appreciate you, Miss Sophia!

Love, Mrs. Cleave

Picture Certificates provided by Dorian’s Photography

Delicious pizzas provided by Domino’s Pizza

Water Park Pass provided by Triple Play

Tasty Gelato provided by Gelato By the Lake

Plates, Gelato Cups, and napkins provided by The Dalton PTA