TCU ( Texas Christian University )

Tcu a private school that is in a urban type of university. The university is location in Fort Worth, TX, and where i live this campus would be 22.8 mi away from me. The co-ed of this school would be woman 59.5% and man 40.5%. The religious affiliation of this school is christian. The size of the campus is 117 acre, and the number of student enrollment is 10,033 university have a couple of major that you may like, and that is Business, communication, education, fine art, honor college, liberal art, nursing and health science and science engineering.

If you what to attend this university you most have a 50% scored between 1650 and 1950 on the SAT, and for the ACT you need to be between 25 and 30. the GPA rank in order to attend this college is between 3.0 and 3.33 or higher.

How much would it be cost?