The World of Afghanistan

learn the amazing ways they live!

What is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is located in Asia with 30.55. million people. Their currency is Afghan afghani. Their capital is Kabul, and language is Pashto, Dal. Afghanistan has snow leopards that loss key and are illegal trade. Afghanistan's second tallest mountain is Noshaq, 24,580 feet and 7,472 miles. In September 11 2001 Afghanistan attacks the US with armed forces. the attack was directed by al-qaeda.


Afghanistan people love their food. a favorite is called qubli puluo, it is steamed rice with chopped up raisins and carrots.(it is often served with lamb) Afghanistan usually only buy 3 types of bread, naah, obi naah, and lavish.They also put lots of time and effort into rice dishes.

Play Game!

Buzkashi is a poplar sport played in Afghanistan. It is a team sport played on horses. They also like to play soccer and vollyball
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