Hey girls!

As you know, I'm your Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One. In addition to being your SED, I am now your Director as well. This email is to tell you a little about me, what to expect, and how I can help YOU with your Thirty-One business!!! You'll now receive all of your main Thirty-One communication from me. Please be sure to read to the end so you don't miss a thing !

First of all, I wanted to share a bit of my journey. When I started with Thirty-One, I wanted some productive ME time outside of my home. Over time, my little bag gig turned into so much more than I signed on for! My team has grown slowly over 7 years and while we are by far the biggest name at the Home Office, I am so proud of every single member and what they set out to accomplish. Rank at the Home Office don't mean much to me - what matter's is each small success each of you experiences!

Lately we have experienced some growing pains and while it saddens me to see teams struggle, I also remain hopeful that there are still women working one party at a time, to make their dreams come true! My current WHY is to help women achieve their dreams, make a difference in their communities, and to help my family be completely debt free. As you can see, a big part of my WHY is YOU!!! I believe in Thirty-One more than ever before and KNOW without a doubt that this is the real deal! We have the beautiful products, great training and the perfect platform to make all of your dreams come true. All it takes is a little determination on your part!

Here's what you can expect from me as your Director: support, empowerment, and keeping you informed! You will receive emails from me each week. In addition, you'll receive a monthly newsletter to highlight our previous month. Pay special attention to What’s Up Wednesday and Monthly Recognition in case your name is in there for your achievements! I love to celebrate YOU – so if some FUN stuff shows up in your mailbox – it’s probably from me!!!!

Please be sure to join our 31 Little Byrdies Facebook Group at if you’re not already a member. In this group of our team only, we ask questions/get answers, share ideas, have FUN training events, get inspiration, and more! I even post FUN challenges in there!

In addition, you should have already been invited to join our NED’s page Kerrie Early (our NED) posts very similar kinds of things, but it is nice to be able to interact with our larger 31 family!

What do you need from me? Do you need one-on-one coaching? Do you need a boost? Do you have questions? All you have to do is let me know! Email, text, or call me for help...that's what I'm here for! I am going to be calling you soon, just to touch base and learn a little about you! I can’t wait to talk to YOU!

I look forward to working with you and watching you unleash your woman power and be a Thirty-One ROCKSTAR !!! Please reach out to me!

Krista Byrd

843.845.2586 (voice & text)