Ipads for teaching and Learning

Why we need iPads in the classrooms!

Why use iPads?

iPads are a great way to keep all classroom materials, including textbooks, together. It gets rid of the big and bulky backpacks. iPads also help the teacher keep track of what the students are doing and how well they are progressing in their students. They give the students easy access for the internet when researching different topics. The teacher can install different apps that protain to the subject at hand or she can also download apps that can help struggling students. Apps are a great way to get the students involved and learning with materials they were just taught. Apps create a different and more fun way to practices material.


iPad Transformation
Devices In The Classroom

Ipads and students with special needs or disabilities.

iPads are a great way to help students with special needs understand what is being taught. iPads can simplify the way something is being taught. It also improves students motor skills. iPads can help students stay focused and can give them a sense of calmness. iPads in the classroom has been proven to help students with Autism learn better and stay on topic. There are different apps for students who have visual disabilities. There are apps that allow everything to be changed into Brail and can speak everything to the student. There are also special keyboards that have the keys done in Brail. iPads allow the students with no voice to finally be able to speak up in class. The students can type their responses and have the iPad read it a loud. These apps help the special needs and disable students feel like they are apart of the class. They can join in on classroom discussions and in turn will help them understand the material being taught better.


iPads Used by Students With Special Needs

Everything you need to know about using iPads in the classroom.

This website is made up of other articles about using iPads in the classroom. It has an article for any question you have about how an iPad is useful when teaching and learning. It also gives different apps that can been downloaded and used for anything being taught. Ihttp://www.ipads4teaching.net/ipads-in-the-classroom.html

How technology is changing Eduction.

Technology is the big thing right now!! We can't get away from it; almost everyone has a smartphone, iPad or laptop. Technology has also hit our classrooms. They are making it easier to communicate to the teacher and other students. It is making it easier to keep up with assignments and other important documents.


How much a class set of iPads cost and how to receive a set for your classroom.

If you search the price of a classroom set of iPads it is going to be expensive! On google shopping a 40 iPad classroom set is $1,690 plus $441 fro shipping and handling! Thats a total of $2,131 for a set of 40 plus chargers and rolling table. Our teacher classroom budget does not cover that! There are many different ways that you can get a set for free! The best way is apply for a grant. This website will show you how to apply for the grant and just what you need to hopefully be approved.