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Week 1: August 17-21, 2020

Check your school email for class/campus information & invites to our class apps/websites. Add parents/guardians to your accounts for extra credit.

Be sure to join the following apps/websites:

Remind-an app for communicating and sharing information via text messages to your phone or an email. The links are above.

Google Classroom-Where I will post ALL things, including videos, assignments, and any materials used to help you understand the assignments. Look for the invite to join in your school email.

Join Codes for Google Classroom/Zoom

Period 1-MWF-10-11, English-GC Join Code: oxk5run

Zoom link:

Period 2-MWF-12:10-1:10, English-GC Join Code: pwssjum

Zoom Link:

Period 3-MWF, 1:15-2:15, Reading-GC Join Code: rhhzefe

Zoom link:

Period 4-MWF, 2:20-3:20, English-GC Join Code: 4ntwdwb

Zoom link:

Period 5-T/Th, 10-11:30, Reading-GC Join Code: rhhzefe

Zoom link:

Period 7-T/Th-1:55-3:25, English-GC Join Code: sl5h4b6

Zoom link:

Seesaw-Our DIGITAL PORTFOLIO! Anything that is completed on paper will be photographed and posted here for a grade.

We will also use Seesaw to practice increasing our Reading Fluency. Reading Fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression.

Students & PARENTS, Join here:

Can’t Zoom with your teacher? Login the day of the absence using Launchpad. 5 Absences = Loss of Credit. Login each day in order to be marked "Present" for class.

Missing Assignments? Not passing? Check Skyward. Contact your teachers. Need help? Attend tutoring.

Tutoring Appointment Request Form:

Daily No Tutoring Needed for students form:

Mistakes On Your Schedule?

Contact your case manager. Case managers are here to help.

First Week- “Get To Know You” Activity: Design Your “Virtual Locker”


1. Join Remind



2. Join Google Classroom & add a parent/guardian

3. Click the link and share 2 truths and a lie about yourself.

4. Decorate your virtual locker. Click the link on the picture of the blue locker below.

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