Weekly Warrior

Volume 12 Issue 3 March 5, 2018

Important Dates

Mar 7th-PLC Meetings

Mar 8th-3 Week RTI Reports Due to Department Chairs

Mar 9th-Registration Deadline for April ACT (National Test Date)

Mar 12th-MAP Testing (9th Grade through Math classes)

Mar 13th-ACT Testing Groups (11th)/Homeroom (9th/10th/12th) from 9:10 - 9:40

Mar 14th-MAP Testing (9th Grade during Math classes)

Mar 14th-Department Meetings

Mar 15th-MAP Testing (9th Grade during Math classes)

Mar 20th-ACT for ALL Juniors

Mar 21st-MAP Testing (10th Grade during English class)

Mar 21st-Herff Jones--Juniors receive Class rings

Mar 21st-Faculty Meeting

Mar 22nd-MAP Testing (10th Grade during English class)

Mar 22nd-Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-6

Mar 23rd-MAP Testing (10th Grade during English class)

Mar 28th-Blood Drive in Library

Mar 29th-Clubs 8:20 - 8:40 (students w/out a club remain in 1st)

Mar 30th-Growth Day

Big picture

ACT--Upcoming for All Juniors 3-20-18

Section Specific Tips--


  • Remember these 4 words—complete, consistent, clear, & concise. Good writing should be in complete sentences; everything should be consistent; the meaning should be clear. The best answer, free of any errors, will be the most concise.
  • The English section of the ACT is a test of your editing skills, not how well you can write. There are always 5 passages so you have approximately 9 minutes per passage.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick NO CHANGE. If things sound correct the way they are, leave them alone.


  • Read the passage first! Write a summary of 3-5 words at the end of each paragraph so that you know where to go quickly after reading each question.
  • Underlining is often overused. Students who use this strategy tend to underline way too much and have to sort back through everything they have underlined.
  • There are 4 passages ALWAYS in the following order:
  1. Passage 1--Prose Fiction (excerpts from short stories and novels)
  2. Passage 2--Social Science (history, economics, psychology, political sciences, and anthropology)
  3. Passage 3--Humanities (art, music, architecture, and dance)
  4. Passage 4--Natural Science (biology, chemistry, physics, and physical sciences)

It has been suggested to read through the Prose Fiction passage last because it is the most difficult to read through.

Helpful Websites:

Houchens Insurance Representatives

Houchens representatives will be here to meet with all school employees on March 12th/13th/14th. Please make plans to meet with one of the representatives on these dates.

Non-Traditional Instruction

As of today, our district has utilized iLearnPulaski days on the following dates during Trimester 2:

Date & Assignment Name





Please encourage students to turn in these assignments, and enter them quickly into Infinite Campus using the guidelines above. Please enter the both the assigned date and the due date as the date we used for each iLearn day. Please remind students that we have to have a high percentage of participation in order for these days to be approved at the state level or they will have to be made up as well.

You can continue to enter scores for iLearn assignments if you receive any from students, even once the trimester is over.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.