Fall is in the air!

What A Week!!

We have had a very eventful week in the pre k class! All the kids have been working really hard on rhyming words, plus we are learning the vowel song this week! They have also worked on people sentences, building block sentences, and first, middle, and last words. For math we had fun playing the high five game, count around game, and going on a number walk! To get in the spirit of fall the kids made some really cool looking scarecrows, and we had tons of fun creating some cool sidewalk chalk art outside. We are so proud of all the kids and how well they are doing with hand writing without tears. This week we reviewed letters L, F, and E and introduced writing the letter H. We hope everyone has a awesome weekend!

Phonemic Awareness

Make a sentence

Vowel song

What is the letter

Word length

Letter names & sounds/letters


Shoe graph

Comparing shoe length

Counting to ten song

Number collage

Shape walk


Fall wreath



Cutting & pasting

Handwriting Without Tears

White board letter T

Crayon letter T

Pattern people

Photos of Friends!


-We ask that no toys from home be brought to school, unless it is something for show in tell day. We have been having some problems with kids wanting to get them out and play with them throughout the day.

-Please make sure you bring in weather appropriate clothes to keep in your child's cubby

- Fall Break October 17 & 20

-With the weather getting colder the kids will not be needing their water bottles so you can take them home. Thanks for all your support!