If you're looking for a merry land, go to Maryland!,

Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore

  • The 1st Lord Baltimore died before settling the colony, so his son Cecilius Calvert, the 2nd Lord Baltimore, organized the expedition of colonists. His brother Leonard Calvert served as the first Governor of Maryland.

3 reasons to come

1. Maryland has great industry business

2. Great Climate.. Doesn't have to worry about any bad weather while traveling

3. Religion is not dominated by a specific religion.

10 Facts

1. Major towns/cities: Baltimore,Annapolis

2. Industries: Manufacturing, Agriculture.

3. Climate: The climate makes it possible to grow crops throughout the year

4. Government: Governed as a Proprietary Colony

5. Economy: Crops were traded for items that could not be produced on the plantations including shoes, lace, thread, farm tools and dishes

6. History: Maryland was originally founded as a haven for those who were Catholic

7. Raw Materials: Natural resources: Fish, forests, and good agricultural land

8. Geography: Maryland is about 250 miles long and 90 miles wide with approximately 9,837 square miles of land

9. Geography: Coastal plains , separated by the Chesapeake Bay

10. Economy : The southern colonies had the largest population who worked on the plantations