Act 3 Romeo and Juliet

by cole nelson

Act 3 summarize

Act 3 starts off with the death of tibble and the swordsman that did it was romeo. So instead of death he get exiled from Verona Italy. Then Juliet pronounce her love to romeo again. Romeo then goes to Friar Lawrence to find out the punishment for the slaying of Tibble. It is then lady Capulet saying to paris she has not convinced Juliet to marry yet to him. It Ends by Juliet weeping about the exile of Romeo then lady Capulet then find out about Romeo and Juliet marrying


the two themes I chose are vengeance and secret. the reason i chose these two are because i saw a lot of the to like vengeance when Romeo killed Tibble because he hurt/ killed his friend. or the main bases of the play is the secret love between Romeo and Juliet.



1.”O,I am fortunes fool!!” Romeo (act 3,i)

2.Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford no better term than this:thou art a villain( act 3 Scene 1)

3.Ay,ay a scratch... Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man...A plague o' both your houses" (act 3 scene)

4." O calm dishonorable, Vile Submission! Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk?"(act 3 scene 1)


1." Hath Romeo slain him self"(act 3 scene 2)

2. " what storm is this that blows so contrary ( act 3 scene 2)

3.I beg for justice, with thou Prince, must give Romeo slew Tybalt ; Romeo must not live.(act 3 scene 2)

4. Beautiful truant, fiend Angelica! stuffed feathered raven, wolf ravening lamb!' (act 3 scene 2)