America~Industrial Age

Aaliyah Livingston

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Andrew Carnagie

Who: Andrew Carnagie. After starting to work in a cotton mill, this Scottish-born boy worked his way up in industry until he became the largest steel producer in the country.

What: He created the telegrapher.

When: Andrew Carnagie invented the telegrapher on 1860.

Where: The telegrapher was made in New York.

Why: He created the telegrapher in New York on 1860 for world peace.

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Thomas Alva Edison

Who: Thomas Alva Edison

What: He invented the light bulb.

When: He started to invent it in 1883 and finished it in 1884.

Where: It was made in America.

Why: To have heat and the power to be able to see.

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Samuel Gompers

Who: Samuel Gompers.

What: Founded the American Federation of Labor.

When: 1886, the organization of unions was the outgrowth.

Where: In America....obviously

Why: He wanted to improve his living conditions.

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Charles Goodyear

Who: Charles Goodyear

What: The discover of how to harden, or vulcanize rubber.

When: In 1844 he patented this process.

Where: I think in Europe

Why: some years later the invention of the automobile was created, and so they used Charles Goodyears rubber tires to make them move.