South China Tiger

Endangered Species


The South China Tiger is small compared to other species of tigers. Males reach around 8 feet in length and females reach only about 7.5 feet in length. Their stripes are broad and spaced farther apart than other tigers. This pattern gives the tiger's coat an impressing appearance.

Diet and Offspring

The South China Tiger is a carnivore and its common prey includes monkeys, birds, and small buck. If food is scarce, the tiger will eat almost any other animal if needed to. These South China Tigers have a litter between 3 to 5 cubs, but only two or three survive to adulthood. In the wild, the South China Tiger will live to be about 15 years old.

Human Impact

Unfortunately, the tigers would sometimes cause disturbances in small villages bordering their habitat by killing their livestock and periodically attacking humans. The local governments targeted the tiger as part of their "anti-pest campaigns" and encouraged hunting the animals to protect villagers. In the year this was going on, 1,750 raw tiger hides were purchased and the population decreased majorly.

Reversing the Problem

China has launched a project to save the South China Tigers from becoming extinct. They are raising them in captivity habitats and then slowly releasing the tigers into the wild. The population is increasing successfully.

South China Tiger Conservation Projects

  • Meihuashan Nature Reserve Administration
  • Laohu Valley Reserve
  • Save China's Tigers
  • The South China Tiger Project
  • China's Tiger Recovery Program