Inflatable Swimming Pool Safety

By Athira Alex

Why are swimming pools hazardous?

Young children love water and older people also find it very fun and a great way to exercise. Although, it is great fun, younger kids have to always be supervised by an adult around and in water, as water has many safety concerns linked with it. One of the major concerns are drowning.

Four safety concerns that relate to inflatable swimming pools

Some safety concerns that are involved with inflatable swimming pools are:

- Drowning

- People will assume small pools will not require much safety measures. eg. fences

- Injury

- Children can become ill if pool isn't cleaned regularly

Safety rules

- Ensure pools are enclose with safety barriers

- Always supervise children around water

- Empty inflatable pools should be stored away in a safe place, away from children

- Contact licensed pool shops to keep water clean

- Fence off the area surrounding the pool.

- Teach the child not to go near the water

- Make sure no ladders, windows or trees are available for the child to climb on, to get access to the water.

- Display resuscitation CPR chart on pool fence

- Familiarise child with water. take them to swimming lessons

- Always watch the child when wearing flotation devices, to see if they are doing it right


A strategy to keep children safe around water, especially swimming pools, are to build fences that are at least 1.2 metres high.