Study Tips and Tricks

Helpful Hints and Strategies

Tips for effective studying

· Go to a quiet place if there are not any ask the distraction to leave if possible

· Study each night and decide what part you will study

· If you divide up your studying then you are more likely to remember them and not be as overwhelmed.

· Get plenty of sleep

Tricks to help remember odd facts

· Try mnemonic devices! There are a lot of different mnemonic devices for each subject.

· Rehearse the information over and over until you have it 100% of the time

· Relate it to something you already know

· Make up little tricks to help remember something

· Put on a lotion while you are studying that has a strong scent and when you take the test put the lotion on. ( it is a proven fact that if smelling something while studying and then taking the test will increase your memory)

Some of my favorite tricks

Try Them, They Help

More information about memory

By using these tips and tricks the information that you learned in class will stay in you memory storage longer. Chunking is also a good trick to make things easier to recall. Many mnemonic devices help you remember procedural skills. Sometimes it is hard to remember everything in a list a lot of the time you can remember the first and the last that is called serial positioning effect, by using different tricks it will make it easier to remember all of the items.