TVUSD Board Meeting Update

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Reopening of Schools Update

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This summary contains a significant amount of information due to the complexity of the reopening plan and level of details. We have done our best to be brief and summarize key points only. We encourage you to review the meeting video with the timestamps included below.

The Reopening Plan Presentation Focused on the Following Areas:

Reopening Presentation Full Video Timestamp 3:04:12 to 4:40

Current Status and Elementary Waiver

Video Timestamp 3:04:29

Riverside County has regressed to the most restrictive purple tier. In the purple tier, schools are not legally able to open. We are continuing to plan for our previously announced opening days on November 30 for elementary and January 5 for secondary. We fully intend and hope to still be able to make this timeline from a colored tiered perspective. There are requirements for how many days we will need to be returned to the red tier before we can open. We have enough days to make that happen at this point and we fully intend to continue planning to be ready.

Elementary Waiver:

We are now again eligible to apply for the elementary waiver. We are very quickly beginning consultation with our classified and certificated labor associations to assess their support as required by the waiver. TVUSD's waiver application is already drafted and ready and pending labor association support, we are hopeful we will be able to submit.

At this time, there are no other public schools in Riverside County that have received an elementary waiver.

Historical Overview/Timeline and Frequently Asked Questions

Video Timestamp 3:12:03

Superintendent McClay reviewed the history of our changing plans and models in TVUSD and the progression of why we changed. She noted that these have not been personal choices, but rather they have been in response to constantly changing guidelines.

Dr. McClay also reviewed several frequently asked questions received:

  • Why not reinstate the 3-model offering?
    A full-time traditional offering would mean that all students are on campus and we cannot do this based on current social distancing mandates.

  • Why can’t all students be brought back full-time?
    Current mandates of social distancing equate to about 50% of students on campus at a time. We don't have campus spaces or funding to hire additional staff to meet the requirements.

  • Why can’t we just return to school like it was?
    This would be our ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the requirements of social distancing, the prohibition of crowds congregating, and masks, preclude this.

  • Why aren’t we opening right now like San Diego or Orange Counties (Why November 30 and January 5)?
    Both of these counties entered the red tier a month prior to Riverside county. Our proposal timeline is very similar to those counties for planning. All districts have to put into place the systems for the models, each time. The planning team is a small team of about 20 administrators in districts our size that plans, implements, and supports each plan. We believe moving any faster for implementation would result in greater disruption, inconsistency, and issues. No other public school district in Riverside County has been able to do this. We must follow the CDPH and Riverside County Public Health department for both the opening and closing requirements. These are not choices for us. The restrictions are not negotiable.

  • Why are we not using local data, just from our City, vs. the County numbers?
    We are required to use the county data based on state orders. We recognize that Temecula numbers look better but we are not able to make the rules.

  • What are the State-mandated rules in place that must be followed?
    6 feet social distancing, mandated mask in grades 3 and above, strongly recommended for Tk-2, and masks for all other individuals on school campuses. The three that TVUSD believes are essential to keeping staff and students safe and will be unequivocally followed by TVUSD are social distancing, masks required for all Tk-12 grade students and all staff, and hand washing.

Again, we encourage you to review the video segments to hear additional specifics from Dr. McClay.

Special Education Learning Centers and Support Hubs

Video Timestamp 3:24:27

TVUSD currently has thirteen special education online learning centers operational. Ten are at the preschool/elementary level. A high school learning center rolled out today. The middle school will begin on October 27. There are currently approximately 227 students in special education online learning centers. The centers and hubs will remain in place despite the current tier color changes, as they are under separate guidance from the state.

Current and Planned Support HUBS

  • English Learners

  • Alternative Education

  • Chronically Absent

  • At-Risk

  • Foster Youth/McKinney Vento

Childcare HUBS for TVUSD Employees and BASES Program

Video Timestamp 3:29:49

TVUSD is currently investigating our options within the cohort requirements and available staffing.

Childcare HUBS - A survey is currently circulating for all TVUSD employees who have students enrolled in a TVUSD elementary school with a plan to return to on-campus AM/PM learning. The level of interest and response from our employees will dictate what we can provide. The childcare hubs will operate during the employee's workday only Tuesday through Friday and are not the existing BASES model.

BASES for TVUSD Elementary Students - We are continuing to explore the BASES option for families and will continue to share information as we move forward with planning.

Co-Curricular Update

Video Timestamp 3:31:10

Athletic conditioning continues to be authorized under the current tier and CIF regulations. Co-curricular programs will be discussed during the Riverside County update call on Wednesday as a result of the changes in the tier status. At this time, we have not been provided with updated guidance.

Elementary Survey Results and Learning Model

Video Timestamp 3:31:51

As we continue to evaluate our learning model implementation, we continue to focus on the priority of maintaining elementary students with teachers. We know there will be a need for some movement, however, we are working diligently to evaluate options to minimize the changes to the best of our ability.

The elementary model selection survey closed on Sunday, October 18. The sites are continuing to reconcile the data this week. The data shows the following:

66% selected to transition to the AM/OM On-Campus Model

34% selected to remain in the Online Model

The following is a graphic summary of the elementary on-campus learning model.

Big picture

Secondary Model and Timeline

Video Timestamp 3:35:50

Considerations for preferred schedule development:

  • In accordance with state and county guidelines, the schedule must allow for appropriate physical distancing inside & outside the classroom.
  • The cohort schedule limits physical attendance to half the student body per day.
  • All school levels will match in terms of siblings being on or off campuses on the same days.
  • Cohorts by alpha.
  • Cohorts meet on the same days.
  • Students physically at school and at home must attend for a minimum of 240 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
  • All students will attend asynchronously on Mondays.
  • An intervention period is incorporated into the school day for both students attending school physically and from home.
  • Consideration made for the online courses that will be occurring simultaneously.
  • Online Only schedule will match the On-Campus schedule.

Secondary Learning Model Survey:

To further explore and reconcile the preferred model details with teachers, site administrators, and staff the model selection survey for secondary will be distributed to families no sooner than October 28. This change will not affect the January 5 timeline.

Big picture

Staffing Update

Video Timestamp 3:40:40

For specific examples and more details, please see the video at the timestamp listed above. Items discussed:
  • Classified staff scheduled to return to Red column (report to the site on daily basis)

  • Staffing of online classes will be based on the Interactive/Reasonable Accommodations (RA) process

  • The remaining spots can go to volunteers based on need and process

  • Can lead to a change in teacher

Health and Safety Protocol Update

Video Timestamp 3:44:11

All protocols and graphics provided during the presentation are contained in the District's Reopening Plan.

  • Review of Guidance for Parents- When to keep students home, when to come back, and involvement of site RN's.
  • Exposure Protocol - Concise flowchart for RN's - this is the flow chart we follow. Riverside Public health is involved in every situation reported.
  • Triage Protocol - What to do if a student gets ill on campus. Assessments and clinical judgments are performed by RNs and LVNs.
  • Staff Reporting Protocols and Testing Requirements.
  • Communication Protocol - Detailed flowchart from report to communication.

All situations will follow HIPPA and FERPA laws. The template letters we will use have been provided by Riverside County Public Health.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Video Timestamp 3:56:13

All protocols and graphics provided during the presentation are contained in the District's Reopening Plan.

All of TVUSD's custodians are trained in professional cleaning methods. Additionally, all of the products TVUSD uses are located and updated on the maintenance and operations website - Click HERE.
Big picture

Transportation and Nutrition

Video Timestamp 3:59:32

All protocols reviewed during the presentation are contained in the District's Reopening Plan.


  • Bus drivers and students will be required to wear face coverings.

  • Physical distancing will be adhered to as practical.

  • Students will board the bus one at a time, filling the bus from back to front.

  • Bus windows will be opened when possible to circulate fresh air.

  • Buses will be cleaned and disinfected daily, including seats and other frequently touched surfaces.

  • Transportation is available for students who reside within TVUSD's bus coverage areas for the morning and afternoon schedules.


  • Each school will implement a plan to limit physical interaction during meal preparation and service.

  • Buffets and share tables will be suspended.

  • Pre-wrapped grab-and-go meals will be distributed to students attending each school. If a student is not present, a student ID must be provided.

Budget overview

Video Timestamp 4:03:15

The following is a summary of the budget expenditures associated with the COVID-19 response. The summary includes CARES Act funding.
Big picture

Next Steps

Video Timestamp: 4:05:16

The following is a summary of the next steps planned as we move forward, consistent with our goals to open on November 30 for elementary and January 5 for secondary.

  • Explore/Apply for the TK-5 Waiver

  • Continue Rolling Out Hubs and Online Learning Centers

  • Distribute the Secondary Parent Survey

  • Create Elementary Class Lists

  • Coordinate Elementary Staff Assignments

  • Create a Secondary Master Schedule

  • Coordinate Secondary Staff Assignments

All Information is available on TVUSD's 2020/21 School Year Website

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