The creator of Mcdonalds and how it started

Raymond Kroc stared the company because he was a good businessman when he was young . By selling lemonade and cookies in his front yard and at a store then he stared selling music . He started it in Plaines Illiois in 1955 .

Mcdonalds impact

Food time line

In 1968 the hot apple pie dessert became a standard menu item . The Quarter Pounder and Quarter Pounder with cheese were added to the menu in 1973 . The egg McMuffin sandwiches was invented in 1971 this was the first McDonald breakfast item . The full breakfast menu was available by 1976 . Today breakfast accounts for 15% of sale . In 1975 the first McDonald drive -thru opened in sierra vista Arizona . Chicken McNuggets were created in 1983 . Salads were first introduced in 1987 . premium salads became available in 2003 . In 2010 McCafe real fruit smoothies joined the menu .

Raymond Kroc history

On October 5 1902 Raymond Albert Kroc was born in Oak park Illinois . In 1917 Ray left school to train with the American Red Cross as a world war 1 ambulance driver . In 1922 Kroc began working for the Lily Tulip Cup Company . In 1939 Kroc left Lily Tulip Cup Company to start the Malt A Mixer Company . In 1954 Kroc traveled to San Bernardino California where he made a business deal with Maurice and Richard McDonald . In March 1955 Kroc started McDonald system on April 15 Kroc opened his first McDonald restaurant in Des Plaines Illinois . In 1961 the McDonald brother sold their name and the Speedee service system to Kroc ; Kroc started hamburger . In 1969 Kroc started the Kroc Foundation . In 1974 the first Ronald McDonald house opened in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Kroc bought the San Diego Padres baseball team . In 1984 on January 14 Ray Kroc died in San Diego California Ronald McDonald house Charities was officially established in his memory .