How photography has influenced my life

Photography is a big part of my life

My aunt Pattie got me into photography when i was around nine or ten, she gave me my first camera when I visited California. I’ve enjoyed taking pictures for about five or six years now. I really love photography because nobody is ever going to take the same picture as you, every picture is unique; you are capturing one moment in time. Taking photography classes has helped me become more confident about my photos, I’ve met a lot of new friends, and have got to experience fun activities with my class

I was inspired by Art Wolfe to travel all over the world to take pictures

Art Wolfe is a photographer that I highly respect. His work is amazing and I love that he gets to travel all over the world just to take pictures. Wolfe, an American photographer born in 1951, is famous for his landscape, native culture, and wildlife photos.

Some of the top jobs include:

Guaranteed to be unique and uplifting

How do you get started making your own photography business?

What ways can you make money as a photographer?

My next steps:

- I want to start exposing my photography skills through social media.

- Save up to get my own camera.

- Take magnificent photos.

- Look for colleges that offer a photography degree .