Come to Minnesota!

By Jack Albert


You should come to Minnesota. We have lots of room for everybody! Minnesota has white beautiful snow. Its soft, it makes a sparkly look when you glare at it when the sun it faces it.


There are 6 ways to get to Minnesota. 1.) Oxcart 2.) Steamboats 3.) Trains 4.) by foot5.) Stagecoach and also by canoe. My personal opinion... If were to travel to Minnesota, I would prefer the train. Their more faster then all the other ways to Minnesota. Below, these are just some ways to travel to Minnesota


We accept everybody. All races like, British, German, Africans, Native Americans, Dakota, and Ojibwe. So come to Minnesota!

St. Paul.

St. Paul is a high interest to live and rest here. Most of the transportation ends up here. Then you dont have to travel more to get here. St. Paul offers jobs because its a fast growing town.

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop is important because she changed Minnesota. How? She didnt believe drinking. She was a teacher. Shes energitic, businesslike, intellagent and, confident. She was a community leader.

Best way to travel

My opinion on which way is the best to travel to Minnesota is, The Train. Its faster and most comfortable...


I would rather live in many other places if there wasnt a Minnesota.

Said By Hans Mattson