Tech Updates at The Bend

September 2019 (Part 2)

Subscribe to the Cherokee Bend Calendar

You may subscribe to Cherokee Bend's Website calendar of events by either following the directions in the 40-second video or the step-by-step instructions shared below. Sandy, Blair, and Jill collaborate with our PTO to keep it up to date with upcoming events, and subscribing will save you several clicks by allowing you to see the calendar directly inside Outlook.

*Note: For both sets of instructions, you will need this link handy (copy/paste) in order to subscribe:

Google Cal in Outlook
Step-by-step instructions

In Outlook, click through the following path: click File > click Account Settings > select Account Settings (again) > choose the Internet Calendars tab > click New > Paste the link shared above > click Add > Name the calendar > click OK > click Close on the account settings Window

Get myViewBoard for your ViewSonic Panel

  • Access your myViewBoard account here. Click Sign In in the upper right-hand corner, then choose "Sign in with Microsoft." Enter your full email address and password.
  • Click here to download "My View Board for Windows 64 bit". Install the application on your desktop.

Bcc: Parent Email List

In email, "bcc" stands for "Blind Carbon Copy" and allows the sender of a message to conceal the email addresses/people entered in the "Bcc:" field from the other recipients of the email. When you send an email to your group of parents, please blind carbon copy ("Bcc:") the group on the email instead of entering the group name/email addresses in the "To:" or "Cc:" fields.

Tech Tool to Try: PRISM

This edition's TTTT (Tech Tool To Try) is called "PRISM, a free web-based tool from the University of Virginia where teachers can immediately see how the whole class is interpreting the meaning of text. Prism provides teachers with the option for setting up the key of three highlight colors. As students read the text, they follow their teacher’s instructions and use the established color key. Red may represent opinion and blue may represent facts. As students highlight, the entire text starts acting as a word cloud. The more a word is highlighted the larger the font size becomes. This is a very simple, way of representing how a whole class is thinking in a very clear pattern. Both teachers and students are immediately better informed. The impact can be very powerful." (November, A. (2018, May 21).

Best use of teacher time in a connected world. Retrieved from

Prism Tutorial
Access PRISM Here

No student accounts required!

Be On Guard for Unsafe Emails

Please continue to be very vigilant about emails. Mrs. LeRoux at MBE has shared excellent pro-tips for spotting harmful emails even beyond the yellow warning, including:

  1. Grammar errors in the text
  2. An email address that isn’t quite right (copies some portions of MBS email addresses, but not all)
  3. Claims to be responding to you on a topic you never reached out for a response for in the first place
  4. The text of the email is actually an image if you click on it
  5. They are trying to extort you for money

If you notice a warning banner and/or any of the above telltale signs be sure NOT to click links, download attachments, respond to, and/or forward. The safest route is to take a screenshot and/or print it and report it to IT Direct. Do not delete it until IT can take a look at it.

If you do click a link, download an attachment, respond to, and/or forward an email by accident that proves to be malware, ransomware, phishing scam, or spoofing be sure report it to follow these steps IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Power down your device and leave it off
  2. Change your MBS password by using a different MBS desktop and using ctrl+alt+delete to access the password change option
  3. Communicate directly with IT (either your Coordinator or the BOE) immediately
  4. Submit an IT Direct ticket with all details as soon as possible even after communicating with the Tech Team to make sure all follow-up processes run their course

These things happen. Some of these scammers are even impersonating coworkers and internal departments like our superintendent and our finance department. We are noticing an increasing amount of these in our school systems across the country. All we ask is that you are vigilant, follow safety protocols, and report any unintentional accidents immediately so we can stop threats early.