America's Relationship

With Canada

Economic Relationship

At the moment Canada is currently the US's largest goods trading partner with $632 billion in a two -way goods trade in 2013. Canada and the US have one of the closest relationships in the world! This can been observed in the high amount of trade (more then $2 billion dollars a day in goods and services) and in people-to-people communication.
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Social Relationship

The United States of America and Canada have one of the closest relationships between two countries ever observed! There has been a huge mingling of people as large numbers move between the countries. One noticeable trend through, is a decrease of people leaving Canada to live in the United States. In 2000 the number was 113,100 and had dropped 73,000 in 2006. That's a 35% decrease!

Political Relationship

The United States and Canada are both close in politics. Although they don't share a similar government, with Canada's constitutional monarchy and the US's constitutional republic, they have been allies in war, discussing policies between the two countries (sometimes disagreeing), and keeping alive healthy trade.


Emigration from Canada to the United States from 2000 to 2006.

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