Rowe and Dunn

5th Grade - November 28th - December 2nd


WELCOME BACK!!!! We hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving break! We are so thankful for all of you!!!

Tuesday: Author Visit: Micheal Finklea at 9:30

Lunch Menu:

Monday: Grilled Hamburger Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta w/ Breadstick Spiced Green Beans

Tuesday: Salisbury Steak w/ Roll Classic Cheese Pizza Classic Pepperoni Pizza Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday: Beef Nachos w/ Rice Traditional Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Chicken Nachos w/ Rice Refried Beans & Salsa


This week in Reading...

Spelling - Unit 11

Vocabulary - Unit 11: Greek Roots

We will learn text structures and apply them to our reading: description, order & sequence, problem & solution, compare/contrast, and cause/effect. We will have a quick review quiz on Wednesday. Thursday we will read "The Search for Pirate Gold" and analyze its text structures.

Spelling test, Vocabulary test & Text structures quiz on Friday!!

psssst... It's Mrs. Dunn's birthday on Friday!


This week in math we will continue with Adding/Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators. We will spend the week reviewing and applying what we have learned this unit. Students will bring home a review on Thursday and we will test on Friday.


We will continue with the formation of Sedimentary Rock and Fossil Fuels. Students will complete labs on Tuesday and Wednesday and then research land forms on Thursday and present to the class on Friday.

Social Studies

Week 11: The War of 1812. The students will read about the War of 1812, Uncle Sam, and The Star Spangled Banner. Quiz on Friday