Saving for Kids College

By: Lillie McMaster

My Numbers

I have $4,375 to invest into my child's college fund. Account A grows 4.5% annually. Account B grows 5.15% anually, but there is a $50 fee to pay upfront. My equations would be:

Account A- f(x)= 4,375(1.045)t

Account B- f(x)= 4,325(1.0515)t

When Its Time For College,

In 18 years, account B will have $1,017 more in it than account A.

Account A- $9,662.09

Account B- $10,679.55

The Smart Decision

Like i said, Account B will have significantly more money in it than account A after 18 years. Obviously, the smart choice would be to go with account B. Even at just 2 years, B has more money in it than A. That $50 fee was basically nothing with the results account B gave.

Wow Much Learning

From this project, I learned that its important to save for college. Also that when thinking about long-term saving, you should pick the one with the best result in the desired years. Because there might be a fee in the beginning, you wont pick it, but check long term before you make any decisions.

Graph and Table

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