Electrical Engineer

By:Philip Steinkopf


This job is a electrical engineer that deals with designing and inventing new parts for the use and helping the electrical business. It deals with the technology from today and for the future and to help the industry to form a better business. Electrical engineering is In the branch formal science as in computers, physical and logicical science. I see myself doing this because I like building things and designing things. I have the electrical in it because I like working with technology and computers.

About the job-Main

Electrical engineers work with all the products and systems that use electricity ranging from household appliances to guidance systems for rockets and satellites. They design new parts and equipment for new products and systems or improve the designs of existing systems.

Salary and about the job

It is easy to get a job really anywhere and they pay good anywhere and it is a good job that doesn't only lasts a few months and that it is a long term job.


range: $51,460

to $106,470 Salary

range: $54,030

to $128,610

Employer- Anywhere in Wisconsin that has the work place or you could work at home on a computer. They aren't really any factors that can go against the employer because you can work almost anywhere that you can be productive.