Stephen F. Austin's colony

Join us for a new start

Join the colony it's well mannered people will give a fantastic greeting.

In this colony your times of running into someone drunk or some swearer are done for if you come to this awesome well mannered place.

Main facts

The land around here is some of the best spots for looks showing open fields. Our land is sold for 12.5 cents for about 4,484 acres of land. Imagine the vast open planes. The smells here are as clean as the sky on a cloudless day. You'll find fresh water near by thanks to Austin's choice of area because we also have a shoreline. Our religion is Christianity if you were wondering Anlgos. For you mexicans you can move here for a new start from your old life.

We don't agree with hunters because it destroys our natural beauty.

Guaranteed to make a smile on your face

A feeling you will get

Something that come across you is a feeling of warmth as though it's spring and everything is at peace like an open field. You'll feel wood and soft soil as you walk around the land.