John A. Macdonald

The first prime minister of Canada


Sir John A. MacDonald was born on January 11,1815 in Glasgow, United Kingdom.He was a lawyer,businessman and a politician and was the former prime minister of Canada since 1867-1873.John A. MacDonald had brought many province's and the Northwest territory into confederation.When his father opened up business,John A.MacDonald had grew up in Kingston.He was educated in a school called Midland District Grammar and was then educated at a private school in Kingston.Sadly,Sir John A.MacDonald had died on June 6,1891.


Sir John A.MacDonald was a diligent and a smart man who was a political leader in the province of Canada and had brought many provinces into confederation.Over the past few years in Canada, people wanted to bring the British Colonies in North America together.But,John A.MacDonald wasn't persuaded by the idea.He believed that the provinces should have their own government and later on allowing the provinces to join the British Colonies to form a new country with the help of the federal government. In 1864,the Maritime provinces wanted to form a meeting that was discussing about a union between some provinces(P.E.I,New found land,New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).His challenge was convincing the representatives his ideas eventually, he persuaded them and they agreed to allow Sir John A.MacDonald to join confederation.
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John A.MacDonald had many accomplishments when he was the Prime Minister of Canada such as bringing transportation by building the Canadian rail road,cooperating with the United States,his challenge in the Northwest Rebellion, joining provinces and territories into confederation, creating the International Colonial Railway which ran from Halifax to the Pacific coast and the Northwest Mounted Police in 1873. He helped bring the Canadian economy and protected the Canadian products.Also,he had won an award from the British for fenian raids.


Although, Sir John A.MacDonald had many accomplishments he still had faced some challenges. He had establish a federal government with other colonies,he created a new country Called Canada with many provinces and territories,he had a hard time with his family ever since his son and wife had died, his daughter born with hydrocephalus (swelling and brain damage),being the conservative government and being disliked from the American and British representatives because of protection for the Canadian interests.


Sir John A.MacDonald wanted to execute a Metis leader named Louis Riel.He helped finalize the creation of dominion of Canada in 1866.His son helped him fight in the Red river resistance.He was there to defend his fathers wishes to his law studies.John A.MacDonald practised law with number of partners in Kingston then in Toronto.He was elected as a conservative to represent Kingston at a legislative assembly in 1844 and was a Liberal conservative party leader.
History of Sir John A Macdonald

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