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At the time the united ststaes was a new world. The first settlers of this new world where the English and the Duch. there had come over from Englabd and set up new colonies, hence the nickname, "New England Colonies". The main natives that where in the north where pilgrams and European settlers. there was niot a lot of conflict besides the civil war and the different states arguing.


The NorthEast region is located on the east coast near the Atlantic Ocean. The States that are included in tthis is region are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Main, and Vermont. major land features that are in the NorthEast is the Appalachian Mountains, the connecticut river, and the Hudson river located in New York. In the spirng and summer its warm and in the latter mounths of july and august its hot and in the winters its very cold ( like in the negatives). Parts of the Midwest and The South Border the Northeast such as Ohio (midwest) and West Virginia(The South). (textbook)

Population and Culture

As of 2010 there were 1,722,862 people living in the Northeast region. people now are moing in and out thast region. Many people have immigrated over to the united states from Italy, China, Duch, Irish, and Euopeans. Many people had moved to the united states from freedom such as religion. The chines had help build our raild road sytem. these people have brought lot`s of diversity. for insteste in New yorlk city there is China Town and Little Italy. were are going cultures together.


Natural Resources in the northeasrt are abundent. There is Hydo power( comes from the water), oil and gas. some og the major companys in the Northeast have to do with destrubiting oil and gas and textile mills.

imports into the northeast consistes of fishe from canada, and there is a lots of exporting in our ouwn country like between tyhe northeast and the Mid-West. The Northeast has a bounty of diverse agriculture including fruits (cranberries, blueberries, wild blueberries, and apples), wine, dairy products, snack foods and maple syrup ect. so they export food to the Midwest who dose not have as much of a diversity of food.


Pennsylvania-6.2 unemployed

New Jersey-7.1 unemployed

New York-6.8 unemployed

Connectiut-7.0 unemployed

Rhode Island-9.0 unemployed

Massachusetts-6.5 unemployed

New Hampshire-4.7 unemployed

Main-6.1 unemployed

Vermont-3.7 unemployed

Transportation and Tourism

In the Notheast there are mnay forms of transportation such as taxies, trains, subways, bus, and as well as automibles that people drive. there is alo a lot of walking since everythings is close together and centerd arounfd one point.

there are mnay historic sites in the Northeast such as The Freedom Trail, The Mark Twain house,Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP). There are also the Cadillic Mountain, Flume Gorge ( which is one of the 10 natural wonders in the world), there is also the MET or alo know as Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is alo Hershey Park as well as well as Top of the Rock.

Sport teams

there are many porefssional sports team in the Northeast.


  • Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) - Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) - Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) - Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) - Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) - Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) - Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) - Pittsburgh
  • New Jersey -

    MetroStars (MLS) - East Rutherford

  • New Jersey Devils (NHL) - East Rutherford
  • New Jersey Gladiators (AFL) - East Rutherford
  • New Jersey Nets (NBA) - East Rutherford
  • Connecticut-

    New England Seawolves (AFL) - Hartford

    New York-

  • Buffalo Bills (NFL) - Buffalo
  • Buffalo Destroyers (AFL) - Buffalo
  • Buffalo Sabres (NHL) - Buffalo
  • MetroStars (MLS)
  • New York Dragons (AFL) - Long Island
  • New York Giants (NFL) - New York City
  • New York Islanders (NHL) - New York City
  • New York Jets (NFL) - New York City
  • New York Knicks (NBA) - New York City
  • New York Liberty (WNBA) - New York City
  • New York Mets (MLB) - New York City
  • New York Rangers (NHL) - New York City
  • New York Yankees (MLB) - New York City
  • Rhode Island- N/A


  • Boston Bruins (NHL) - Boston
  • Boston Celtics (NBA) - Boston
  • Boston Red Sox (MLB) - Boston
  • New England Patriots (NFL) - Foxboro
  • New England Revolution (MLS) - Foxboro
  • New Hampshire-N/A



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