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DigitalEdge awards contracts for several wireless devices and their related solutions

ESD 112 is pleased to announce that...

In response to Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-13A, the DigitalEdge purchasing program has recently made awards to several providers of wireless mobile devices (tablets, handhelds and laptops) and their related solutions. Effective June 1, 2013, the contract includes several makes and models of Chromebooks, Androids and Windows-based devices. In addition, there are several companies that offered competitive bids on related solutions, such as accessories, storage furniture and charging stations, management systems, and more.

Here is just a small sampling of products that were recently awarded! Visit the DigitalEdge web site to see all products and pricing that are on all of our contracts!


Every issue of the Edge will include an article or video of how the technology solutions on the DigitalEdge contracts can be set up and/or used for teaching and learning. This issue’s topic is:

“One Device or Many…Essential Accessories for iPad Classrooms”

iPads and other tablets are one of the most innovative technology solutions that hold promise for engaging students in ways never seen before. Some districts have budgets for one device per student, while other districts are purchasing an iPad for the teacher only. Watch the following video to get some ideas for setting up and using an iPad as a teacher station, and then look for the HDMI-2-VGA Converter, Educator case, the Handstand DX document camera stand, and Doceri on the list of awarded products for Contract #ESD112-DE-13A.

Using the DigitalEdge contract to make a purchase...Do you know how it's supposed to work?

The DigitalEdge contract with vendors holds them accountable to follow a specific protocol when working with your organization. Here's a process you should expect them to follow:

  1. If you wish to purchase a product (or products) from the contract, you should work with the vendor and request a quote for the product(s), based on DigitalEdge contract pricing.
  2. The awarded vendor should provide you with an official quote for the products you are seeking.
  3. If/When you are ready to purchase, make sure you use the quoted pricing from the vendor.
  4. For audit protection, remember to add a line item on your purchase order or requisition that identifies the DigitalEdge contract number you are using.

There are two competitively procured contracts in place through the DigitalEdge purchasing program at ESD 112. The contract descriptions are below, and the master product and pricelists for the contracts are attached.

  • Contract #ESD112-DE-2012:
    Educational Technology, Audio-Visual Equipment and Related Solutions
    This contract includes traditional classroom equipment such as LCD projectors, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, clickers, sound amplification solutions, and more.

  • Contract #ESD112-DE-2013A:
    Wireless Mobile Devices and Related Solutions
    This contract includes wireless mobile tablets, handhelds, chromebooks and laptops. It also includes related solutions such as accessories, storage furniture, storage carts, MDM's, email accounts, and more items that will make the schools more successful in their implementation of wireless devices.

Does your organization require an Interlocal Agreement?

Some state laws and agency regulations require the use of an Interlocal Agreement when one governmental agency is relying on another governmental agency's competitively procured contract. Make sure you check your organization's governing laws regarding cooperative purchases! ESD 112 will provide an Interlocal Agreement to any eligible purchaser who requests one. To get more information about the process of requesting an Interlocal Agreement, go to

Do you know about DigitalEdge's Power Deals?

Did you know that awarded the DigitalEdge purchasing contract allows the awarded bidders to offer special promotions and lower their contract prices even further for a specific period of time? It's true! They offer these promotions for several reasons:

  • to introduce a new product
  • to reduce inventory in a warehouse
  • to sell out an end-of-life product

Currently, there are several special promotions available! Check out the

DigitalEdge Power Deals web page.

Visit us on the Internet where you'll find the awarded products and their contract pricing!