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Quick Notes for Returning Families

  1. The entire process from start to finish should take about 30 minutes if you have 1 student (add about 5 minutes for each additional student).
  2. If you have to leave your computer during the Family/Student Update, click 'Save' to return to the same section later.
  3. NEW THIS YEAR--All completed materials and registration fees MUST be submitted on 1 of 3 Registration Nights: Monday-Wednesday: March 30, March 31 or April 1.
  4. Read the 'Detailed Instructions' below to save confusion later (or refer back to them if you are confused).

No Fooling!

Complete everything by April 1 and get a chance to win great prizes!

4 Steps for Online Registration

  1. Log-In to Teacherease.
  2. Complete Family/Student Update.
  3. Complete and Print Forms.
  4. Submit Forms and Fees on 'Registration Night'.

Detailed Instructions of those 4 Steps

Follow the steps to ensure that your 2015-16 Registration is completed correctly.

  1. Log-in to Teacherease
    • Use your parent/guardian log-in credentials.
  2. Update Family/Student Data

    • Once logged in, you will be taken to your 'Family/Student Data' screen for your oldest student. Verify and complete all fields listed across the top navigation:

      • Student Information

      • Family Information

      • Emergency Contacts

      • Miscellaneous

    • This step is to be completed by a Parent/Guardian ONLY. Students are not to enter this data. They have been instructed to enter Teacherease using their student log-in.

    • Everything on this screen MUST be completed with a value.

    • You will need your insurance number, insurance provider, family doctor with phone number.

    • If you have more than 1 student at Aquin:

      • Complete your first student's information and then scroll down the page to access your additional student(s)' information update. The link will appear on the far right side of the screen, opposite your student's name. Click on 'edit form' to update additional students.

      • Any 'family' changes you make to your first student's information (ie. insurance, contacts, etc.) will not be editable in additional student information. It will automatically update in Teacherease, but may not appear instantly.

    • Please remember--after completing this information update, when accessing TeacherEase during 'Registration', you will automatically view 2015-2016. To view current grades or assignments, you will need to select '2014-15' (found in the upper right corner of the page).

  3. Complete and Print Forms
    • Found under 'Parent Main'--left side of Teacherease webpage if you exit after completing all Family/Student Updates.
      1. Tuition Contract

        • ​​Open contract in Excel or Open Office.
        • Enter your data listing oldest student first.
        • Save.
        • Print, sign and submit at Registration Night.
      2. Parent Signature Page

        • Print, sign and submit at Registration Night.
      3. Student Signature Page
        • Print, sign and submit at Registration Night.
      4. Family Income Eligibility Form
        • Submit confidentially at Registration Night in a sealed envelope.
      5. High School Only--Applicable Request Forms
        • Print, sign and submit at Registration Night.
      6. Optional Forms.
        1. Print, sign and submit at Registration Night.
          • Kindergarten-Grade 12: Scholarship/Tuition Assistance/Renewal Forms
          • Grade 12: HCC Course
          • Grades 11-12: CareerTec, PE Waiver, HCC Fitness
  4. Submit Registration Fee
    • $50 per student if ALL completed paperwork and Registration Fee submitted by April 1.
    • After April 1, Registration Fee returns to regular rate of $100.

You're Done--Thanks for Registering!