The feud is responsible

The feud between the two families is responsible

The two lover's love is forbidden by their families

The reason why Romeo and Juliet committed suicide is because the feud between the two houses forbade them from seeing each other. The feud between the two families causes Romeo and Juliet to meet in secret. The reason they have to meet in secret is because if Romeo was ever caught being at Juliet's house, he would most likely be sentenced to the guillotine. One example of the two lovers having to meet in secret is after the Capulet party, Romeo sneaks over to Juliet's balcony so they can profess their love to each other. Another example of them meeting in secret is when they make arrangements with Friar Laurence to get married. They have to meet in secret because they both know that their love is forbidden by their two families. There's just one question to be asked: Is a feud really worth having two lovers commit suicide just because their love for each other is strong?

Text support:

Act 2 scene 2

Act 2 scene 5/6

These pieces of text support what I've said because the evidence shows how Romeo and Juliet have to meet in secret because of the feud.

The movie supports because the main character, Laszlo de Almasy, is involved in a plane crash caused by one of his own. One of his crew members stays alive and he goes on a three day walk but is captured. He escapes his captors and goes back to check on Katherine, the crew member that survived but was seriously injured, but gets back too late. He then attempts to fly to get help, but is shot down by anti-air cannons. He is pulled from the wreckage, and is taken to get healed from being severely burned. While in the hospital, he requests to be injected with a fatal dose of morphine. The nurse complies, and reads Katherine's last journal entries to him as he dies.

The song supports because it was basically written for the scene of when Romeo commits suicide believing that Juliet is dead and Juliet awakens to find her love dead and commits suicide as well. This song can relate to this scene because the lyrics are about how they would die for the person they love.

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