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A religion that is practiced around the world by millions and originated in Israel is Christianity. The religion is based on the belief of one god and his son Jesus that was sent to earth to die for man kinds sins. It is a peaceful religion that is based on the beliefs of kindness to ones neighbor, faith, and the love of god through Jesus. It is based on the other three core religions like Judaism and Islam and is the most practiced religions in the world.

The holidays celebrated by christans are Christmas and Easter. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and Easter is the day Jesus rose from the dead and left earth.


A religion also originated in Israel and the oldest known religion is Judaism. Practiced by Jews Judaism is a religion that believes in creationism that tells about mans purpose, creation, and it's beliefs of god. These are shown through the Jewish books of Torah and Talmud that talk about mans creation and mans reason for existence. As far as liberal Jews believe there is no god and live by the 13 rules of Judaism and it's belief on the messiah.

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The peaceful and nonviolent religion Buddhism originated in east Asia. It is a way of life more than a religion, where the followers try to find inner peace and tranquility. The religion was formed by the a monk named Buddha who tried to find inner peace in himself he sat under a tree and vowed not to move a single inch in till he achieved his goal. After days of not moving, drinking, or eating he found inner peace. Like Hinduism they believe in karma and reincarnation., they also believe in nonviolence. The main book of Buddhism Is the four Nobel truths that show a Buddhist to enlightenment. A Buddhist holiday is Vesak witch celebrates the birth of Buddha.