City of the my future.

Live and prosper!

What it is the city of the future?

City of the future it is quintessence of the science, ecology and humanism.

Stepping over the vices of mankind.

  • In the city of the future people don't know what is it environmental problem.
  • Universal personal transport, and as a result traffic jams.
  • High moral and ethical level of human.
  • The same for all levels of life, as a pledge of peaceful coexistence.
  • Because the future development will be done other planets, overpopulation problem solve itself.

Road to the Future...

The city of future will live on clean energy: peaceful atom and solar. All of the life support system will be hidden from the eyes of people in the ground. In the future humanity refuse in favor of large transport small and practical, will be a very public transportation. Absolutely all childrens will be going in school, and all people will have excelent education, and becouse all are equal.

Do all of this will not be easy, that we should strive to create a future for him, rather than sit and wait until it comes on its own, or someone will create it for you.