The Lovely Bones

By Alice Sebold

This is a book but also a movie that I saw. It is really intense and sad at the end. At first it starts by showing a family. It was a long time ago that I haven't seen this movie so I'm not sure if Susie had a mom. They mostly talked about the relationship of Susie and her dad. So there was a neighbor who was really weird. One day He invited Susie to see the hiding spot he made for her and of course she went. When it was time for her to leave he kept her inside there. I was too little to understand what he did to her but later I found out that he raped her and cut her into pieces. Then he went to a dump and threw her in were she was looked in seal were there she was left and no one knew about what happened to her.

Later on her sister was running with a group and she was curious to stop by to the old guy's house to search for evidence because she think that he was the one who murdered his sister. As she was looking she found a book with some traps that were most likely made for previous victims. She took it home and she was analyzing all the pages were she saw an underground tunnel (were Susie was murdered). During the whole movie they pass parts of when the family tries to find clues and they pass Susie in another dimension trying to get threw and talk to her family one last time before she goes to the light.