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Learn About Cheerleading

Some people think that cheerleading isn't a sport, while many other people do. There are two types of cheerleading. One is called pop warner. Pop warner is for one town and anyone that lives in that town can join. The other type is all-star. All-star is for any town, but you have to try out. You get the most injured in cheerleading. You can break any bone in your body. It is very dangerous, but very fun. In your cheer routine you start with an opening. It can be opening stunts, tumbling, or motions. Stunts are when you put hold a girl or boy in the air. The peson going up in the air is called a flyer. Ther two people holding his/her feet are called the bases. The person that is holding her/him up in the back is called the backspot. The backspot has the most important job. If the stunt falls then she/he is in charge of making sure everyone catches that person. Last, the person in the front holding the flyer's legs is called the front spot. Tumbling is basically gymnastics. People call it flips and tricks, but there are more technical terms. Some terms are back and frunt tucks, back and front handsprings, back and front layouts, back and front walk overs, fulls, round-offs, and cartwheels. Motions are the way your dancing and the way you look. So, it is basically the position you are in. Some motions are high V, low V, T, touch down, daggers, and clap. In the dance it is much more complicated. There are twists, turns, and counts. Counts are the numbers where you hit you motions or hit a stunt or tumble. They tell you when to hit what. The counts aren't on going like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.... It starts with 5, 6, 7, 8 and then it is on going with 1-8. It doesn't go past 8.