Student Arrival & Depature

Important Information for Families

Year 7

2019 July 31
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Hello Stallions!

Our goal is to make student drop off/pick up as smooth, safe, and efficient as possible. Vehicle traffic around schools is always a concern for student safety, as such, all families dropping off students will do so by entering campus at the school marquee off of Key Biscayne.

Vehicles will proceed down the driveway and make a right turn onto the drop-off/pick up lane. Once the vehicle is at the wrought iron fencing, where there will be a person on duty, students may exit on the right side of their vehicles onto the sidewalk. Vehicles will then proceed forward and exit the property onto Maple Drive, making a left or right turn.

Students may not exit the vehicle until they are in the area with supervision, on the sidewalk, along the wrought iron fence. Students are not to be dropped off on the north side of the building. They will not be able to access the playground or enter the building from this area and there is no adult supervision in this area. Students may only be dropped off on the sidewalk by the fencing along the east drive drop off/pick up lane. The students will enter the playground directly and then will enter the building and head to their classroom or to get breakfast in the Ranch Cafe.

You may drop your students off in this area between 7:45 AM and 8:05 AM. Please do not drop students off before 7:45 AM. If you arrive to school after 8:05 AM there will not be duty people assigned to this area. Once the big gate is closed, please pull back around to the front of the school and have your student enter through the front doors.

When picking up your student you will do so in the same manner as drop-off. Vehicles will enter campus at the school marquee off of Key Biscayne. Vehicles will form two lines until the turn at the cones to the parent pick up area along the back (east) drive, at this point it is one lane only. Your students will line up inside the gated area. As you pull around, please display the backside of this sheet (on which you have written your student(s) first and last name) and the duty person will call for your student. Your student will then head to the sidewalk where they can access your vehicle safely. Students should board vehicles from the sidewalk; our staff can assist them in doing so if necessary. Please do not exit your vehicle, as this creates a delay in the process. If you would prefer to have more time for this process, please consider parking on the nearby streets and walking to meet your child at the exit gate, then walking back to your vehicle.

Thank you for working with us toward a smooth, safe, and efficient process.

The pickup process is most effective when the names of the students being picked up are displayed on the vehicle dashboard. The document below can be printed and used for that purpose. You certainly can use your own paper, the names just have to be written large enough for the duty person to read. Thank you!

Bus riders

Transportation will be offered to eligible students. To view your student’s route and bus stop information please here:

There will be enhanced procedures and protocols in place on our school buses.

Each bus will have a visible sign reminding students that only students attending M-Th are to get on the bus on Mondays and Thursdays and those students assigned to Tu-F are eligible to get on the bus on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Students who have signed up for Onsite on the days they are not in person are also allowed to ride the bus.

In addition, there will be some special education students who will be transported on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and have already been informed by the Special Education Department. Transportation will not be available on Wednesdays during the Hybrid weeks.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.
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Colin M. Kelly,


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Walkers/Bike riders

Walkers and bike riders will continue to be dismissed out the back (East side of campus) as well as the front (West side of campus) of the building. Walkers need to remain on the sidewalks and cross at the crosswalks.

Bike riders need to walk their bikes until they are off the school property. It is also HIGHLY recommended that bike riders wear a helmet!