Candy Crush

Years of Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a game that was first started for everyone on Facebook. Candy Crush came out in April 12th of 2012. Candy Crush is the most popular game on Facebook and has received more than 56 million likes on the application page. Then Candy Crush also came out to Apple users on Novemeber 14th of 2012. The last group to received Candy Crush was Android on December 14th of 2012. In December, the same month as when Android came out with Candy Crush, owners had saw the most downloads on all Apple and also Google app stores. Totalling over 10 million downloads since Novemeber of 2012. It is owned by King which is based off of the United Kingdom. Now, 2014, King has just released a new game that has Candy Crush lovers brought in by. Without Candy Crush Saga, King wouldn't have been able to make up a different based game without knowing how much people enjoyed the original game of Candy Crush Saga!

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