William Shakespeare

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were he was born

He was born in stratford-upon-avon. He was baptized on April 26 1564, He was born on April 23,1564 witch was they day he died when he was 52. He was the third child out of eight. William grew up 100 miles from England


Shakespeare attended a grammar school, named Kings New School, it taught him Greek mythology, Roman comedy, ancient history, rhetoric, grammar, and latin. throughout his childhood he father was suffering from debt. That is why he did not go to a collage.

Older life

When he was 18 he married Ann Hathaway which was older than him. She was three months pregnant when she was a senior, there first child's name was Susanna she was born in 1583.
Robert Greene another poet, Shakespeare calls him a upstart crow because all he did was flap his poetic wings in London. he did not take him on stage for long between 1590 and 1592 shakespeare Henry 6th series and Richard 3rd but than the theater closed because of the plague.


William shakespeare died on April 23 at the age of 52 people remember as a famous poet and playrights of his ERA.
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