Industrial Revolution

Thomas Dalton

Working Conditions for Children in Factories

Some of the children that worked in the factories were as young as 6 years old. They didn't get paid much and worked 19 hours a day with no breaks. They worked with heavy machinery and the conditions were horrible. They were treated very cruelly and horrible. In 1833 the factory act limited the amount of hours that children worked in the factories. Each age group could only work a certain amount of hours. Children under the age of 9 couldn't work in the factories so they went to school. Hey could only go to school for 2 hours a day.

Textile Industry in America

It started with the invention of the spinning wheel. They were very popular and everybody had one. Eli Whitney created the cotton gin which removed the seeds from cotton. The Americans sold cotton crops to England. This is how the textile industry boomed in America.

Bessemer Process

The Bessemer process was a very big deal when it came along. It was a major mass production of steel and molten iron. You had to move certain pigments in order to give it iron properties. It's called oxidation. This is removing silicone, carbon, and manganese. They produced so much that it boomed!!!