Todays News

Reward $4,000 per criminal. Monte Leichsenring= $10,000

Criminals on the loose

There has been another robbery their names are Nolan and his other criminal friends are Caleb, Chase, Noah R, Isacc , Jacce, Samantha, Mia and the baddest one of all Monte Leichsenring. News reporters Elissa Dames and, Hannah Jo Gustafson say they have a plan to split up and rob every store that has valuable stuff like, Jewelry, Diamonds, Golden Chains, ETC. If you see them follow them and call the police! Be careful they are armed! This tragedy is serious. Police officer Jocelyn Hernandez said they caught Samantha and Mia and they are going to prison for theft. Call this number 555-534-9495 for descriptions, imformation, and fake I.D names. Expensive stores are to put up recordings and cameras. Dont forget to lock up everything thats vauable. Stay tuned for more imformation!