Cougar Chronicle

Volume 17 Issue 29 - Friday, March 25, 2022

Important Dates Coming Up

March 25
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Spring Break is Friday, April 1 through Friday, April 8.

School resumes on Monday, April 11.

If your student is missing days before or after spring break, please email Alison the attendance secretary at and your child's teacher with the dates your student will be absent.

You can also call the Main Office at 317-915-4270 with the information.

Thank you.

RAMADAN - Will your child be fasting in April?

Teachers will be available for next week for students to share if they will be participating in fasting upon return from spring break. As a staff, it is important to us to provide an alternate environment for those fasting during lunch and other times necessary.

Please encourage your child to communicate with the classroom teacher that this accommodation is needed in April. Thank you!

🎵 Music Minute-Third Grade 🎵

3rd Graders are learning new play party games. A play party is when the song tells the group what to do. Ask your singer about “Zootie-O” or “Golden Ring Around the Susan Girl”, both play parties from Appalachia.

(this is an ad free youtube link to the audio of Golden Ring around the Susan Girl)

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Pet Jar Penny Wars are Back - Support the Chickens and the Garden!

Pet Jar Penny Wars are back! All proceeds go to the SCE garden and to feed for the Chickie Babies for the year.

Staff members' pets will be displayed on containers outside of the cafeteria each day from March 28th-March 31st.

How it works:

1 Penny = 1 Vote Added (vote for your favorites!)

1 Nickel = 5 votes Subtracted (keep other favorites from winning)

1 Dime = 10 Votes Subtracted

1 Quarter = 25 Votes Subtracted

1 Dollar = 100 Votes Subtracted (and so on)

The classroom teacher with the most votes wins a Popsicle party!

Miss Coffman is looking for Culture Club parent volunteers to help supervise the voting during student lunches. If interested, please contact her at or call the Office. Volunteers must have a current background check on file.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

All SCE Families, do you want to run in the Geist 5K Fitness Challenge?

Now that SCE Striders is underway, registration is open JUST FOR THE GEIST EVENT.

1. Go to and click on ‘Register Now.’

2. Click on ‘Register HERE for Geist 5k Fitness Challenge.’

3. On the next page, click ‘I have an access code’ located on the right hand side of the page.

4. ACCESS CODE REQUIRED page. Please use the access code: STUDENT

5. Click ‘Validate’ to be taken to the next page.

6. Enter name, address, phone number, emergency contact, t-shirt size, etc.

7. Be sure to enter your team name at the drop down menu!

8. Agree to waiver.

9. Feel free to make a donation to your school!

10. Add billing address and payment.

11. Click ‘Submit.’ You are all set!

Field Day - Donations Needed

Mr. Petroff needs some supplies to make Field Day amazing:
  • Face Paint
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes
If you would like to contribute, please send to the Office labeled for Mr. Petroff or Field Day.



It's nearly spring, and that means playground mud. Students ware encouraged to be smart around puddles and mud, but life happens. Puddles are fun!

Please put a full change of clothes, underclothes, socks, and shoes, in your child's backpack for when the mud wins.


Have Questions about Enrollment? CLICK HERE

Ready to Enroll? - Follow the 3 Step Process Online: CLICK HERE

To read more about Kindergarten Readiness: CLICK HERE.

Contact our school registrar, Cher McCord at 317-915-4270 or with any registration/enrollment questions.

Current HSE/SCE students do not need to enroll for the next school year.

Please check your Skyward account and update your family's information as needed.

Best Buddies Friendship Walk - Support SCE's Team!

On April 24th, the Indiana Best Buddies Organization is hosting their annual Friendship Walk. We would love to help support our state organization as well as our personal Sand Creek Chapter by raising funds to support Best Buddies and their mission.

Please contact Mallory Hackett or Clarice Nolan with any questions.

Please Donate to Best Buddies Friendship Walk: Team SCE!

Social-Emotional Learning - Week of March 21

Kindergarten: Problem Solving - Ready to Solve Problems

  • Students will be able to name “feeling calm” as a helpful first step for problem-solving.

First Grade: Empathy and Kindness - Demonstrating Kind Acts

  • Students will be able to demonstrate at least one kind act they could do for others.

Second Grade: Digital Citizenship - Putting a Stop to Online Meanness

  • Students will understand what online meanness can look like and how it can make people feel. Students will be able to identify ways to respond to mean words online, using S-T-O-P.

Third Grade: Empathy and Kindness - Do Something Kind

  • Students will be able to recall a process they can use to solve problems (STEP).

Fourth Grade: Empathy and Kindness - A New Point of View

  • Students will be able to demonstrate taking another person’s point of view.

Would you like more information on Social Emotional Learning?

Visit the HSE District Sites to read more, or follow the links below:

RAVE Reviews

Keep the RAVE Reviews coming in!

Have you observed an employee who goes above and beyond their job responsibilities/duties to make a difference? Leave them a RAVE Review. It takes 2 mins to complete but makes a long lasting impact for an educator.

Garden Spring Clean-Up is moved to Saturday, April 16

The SCE garden and greenhouse will be planning on a Spring Garden Clean Up on Saturday, April 16th (weather permitting) beginning around 10am (come whenever!). We are looking for volunteers to help us prep the garden beds, assemble some things, prune, and tidy the spaces for the growing season. Tool knowledge and landscaping experience appreciated, but everyone is welcome.

Please contact Miss Coffman if you have questions.

Thank you for helping out! 🙂


Click the button to visit the HSE District Online Application for Food Service Positions.

Lunch for March 28-31

Monday - Chicken nuggets with biscuit (sweet potato mash)

Tuesday – Orange chicken & fried rice (broccoli)

Wednesday – Boneless wings & garlic toast (baked beans)

Thursday – Beef teriyaki dippers with cornbread (fries)

Friday – Spring Break - No School

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

March 7-11 is Week 2. There may be changes to the menu due to supply chain limitations. Thank you for your understanding.

Mudsock Youth Athletics Updates

Spring Sports: Did you forget to register for spring programing? There are limited spaces open for certain divisions in our baseball, softball, soccer, boys lacrosse, rugby, and track leagues. Register now at and we’ll see you on the fields. Learn more here. Questions? Email

Visit the Community Insider page linked below for all the details.