Kindergarten News


Parent/Teacher conferences are right around the corner. Conferences will be held the week of 10/18. Conference forms have been sent home, so please look for them and then send it back with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for times. This is our time to celebrate all of the progress your child has made this year so far. We can't wait to share that good news with you.

Home School Connection

Over the next month, our class will learn about what makes a community. We will read books about the people and places in a community, and the ways in which we all work together to make a community strong. Children will write letters to teach others about our community, and the whole class will collaborate to build a 3-D map of the places around school that make up our community.

Module 3

Concept -

My Community Heroes

Essential Question:

What Makes a Community?

Bring it Home

Reinforce these important topic words when you are reading or talking with your child: community location neighbor.

Word Play: Play with sounds, letters, and words to help develop skills that are important for reading: • Think of words that start with the same sound as your child’s first name. Then do the same for names of other people in your family. • Practice making letters and words with all different materials. Try sidewalk chalk, playdough, sand, and shaving cream!

Words to Know Practice reading and spelling these words that children will see a lot in books they read: an did has he in it me put ran she sits with.

Lets Read Together: Make a special time and place to read with your child every day. While you read, ask: • What happens in the beginning/middle/end? • What is the story about? Tell me in your own words. • What clue in the picture shows what the word means?

Letters and Lists: Support your child to write letters and lists: • Work together to write shopping lists or “to do” lists with pictures and words. • Send cards, letters, or e-mail to family members who live far away. Your child will love getting a response! • Write thank you notes for gifts or other acts of kindness. Have your child tell you what to write, and “sign” his or her name.


Over the next couple of weeks we will learn:

2D (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, rhombus) and 3D shapes (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder).

Measurement (taller than, shorter than, longer, heavier, lighter)

Please help your child practice counting every day. Their end of the year goal is to count to 100 by 1's and 10's. They also need to be able to write numbers 0-20. One strategy is to make number cards and then have the put the numbers in order. They can practice making their own cards by writing the numbers on them.