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November in Review

November News

What an exciting month November was!! So many of you had such a great month!!

I want to congratulate Dodie Gober on her recruit!

Welcome to Christina Harrison all the way in Aurora, Colorado! We are so excited to have you on The Pink Pearls!

Don't forget to find us on Facebook! We have a team page!

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Top Sales and Top Recruits

Top Sales

TOP SALES: Alaina Egnatuk with $2,504!!!!!!!


Valerie Thompson $500

Erin Courville $540


Jessica Stobb $845


Madison Bell $1,153

Judy Stokely $1,175

Danielle Bookstaber $1,223

Leslie Deen $1,229

Amy Guillory $1,341


Laura Roeder $1,547

Renida Estrada $1,579

Dawn Greenwood $1,790

Top Dreambuilders

Top Dreambuilder: Judy Stokely with 2 new team members!!!!!!!

Danielle Bookstaber and Dodie Gober also each had a new team member. Woo hoo!! Way to go!

Amanda Moyers

Independent Senior Director

The Pink Pearls