Paulie Pennino

Rocky's girlfriends older brother's character traits

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Adrian's older brother Paulie shared one of the main roles in the movie.He was a close friend to rocky and his character development was really show in the film.


Paulie has an addiction problem.He's addicted to alcohol and many scenes in the movie show it. some scenes would show him drinking on the job for example when rocky comes to punch the frozen meat at Paulie work place Paulie was drinking at work.Another scene Paulie arrives home drunk and begins to force rocky and Adrian's out of his house as rocky refuses Paulie pull a baseball bat and begins threatening rocky and both adrian while trashing his house.
Rocky (7/10) Movie CLIP - Paulie Breaks Down (1976) HD


Pualie has a very violent behavior both verbally and though his actions.He boldly makes threats to both Rocky and Adrien widely across the movie.Also the break down scene has Paulie say "I'll brake both your arms" to rocky he then began to become more of a threat when he pulled out the bat and began trashing his house in rage and then going after adrien.


Paulie is considerate throughout the movie he would boss Adiren around by telling her what to do.He pushed her around believing he was helping her and that she should be more considerate but Paulie could not have been more wrong he is Inconsiderate for her he only helped her so she could be out of his life and he could have a home all to himself


Paulie is very Forceful for these reasons: one he forced adrien to go on a date with rocky because he told rocky to come over and once rocky arrived paulie forced adrien to go out with rocky.two he forced adrien out of his house and move in with rocky as paulie found her inconsiderate of him during his break down.Most importantly he forced rocky to fight Apollo Creed even though rocky had decided he didn't want to fight him.


Paulie is very bold he never stops to think of his actions for example he doesn't consider his drinking problem and he has a serious drinking problem(READ FIRST POST).Also he bold when it comes to sharing his opinion for example during his break he told Adrien how he felt about her believing paulie is inconsiderate.He also very bold when he forced rocky to fight Apollo Creed he never took a minute to think about about rocky getting hurt from fighting him.Overall he is very confident with his opinion